Hogg Cross Border Consultancy is the new name for a company started in Hong Kong in 2008. Originally designed to allow its then

partners to explore opportunities related to Insurance in China following various approaches from Government entities there. In 2012

Its Beijing based subsidiary took over the management of a local insurance broking company called Heliren. This agreement ended in

June 2017 when the shareholder’s of Heliren sold the company. It operates mainly through its wholly owned subsidiary Beijing Asian

Healthcare Business Consulting, where the owner Peter Hogg is based.

霍格跨界咨询公司是2008年在香港成立的一家公司的新名称。最初成立这个公司的宗旨,是想在它的支持下,最初的发起成员遵循中国政府实体的各种途径,探索与中国保险相关  的机会。2012年,总部位于北京的子公司接管了一家名为Heliren的当地保险经纪公司的管理。本协议截至2017年6月,合利仁的股东出售了该公司。