Peter Hogg 彼得 · 霍格  Chairman董事长

Peter has extensive experience in Asia having been involved in the region since the late 1970s. Originally working out of London with The Willis group, Peter has lived and worked in Singapore, Seoul, Hong Kong (covering Greater China), Dubai and more recently Beijing. After leaving Willis Peter founded Neuron LLC an Insurance Administrator in Dubai, which he has since sold to Dubai owners and then started what is now called Hogg Cross Border Consulting in 2008 moving to Beijing finally in 2012. Peter served on the British Chamber Executive Committee from 2013 to 2017 and was Vice Chairman from 2015 to 2017.

自上世纪70年代末以来,彼得在亚洲地区有丰富的经历。最初在伦敦和威利斯集团一起工作,之后彼得在新加坡、首尔、香港(覆盖大中华区)、迪拜生活和工作过,最近暂居北京。在离开威利斯集团以后,·彼得在迪拜创建了神经元保险管理有限责任公司(Neuron LLC),他后来将该公司卖给了迪拜的所有人,然后在2008年创建了现在的霍格跨界咨询有限公司,并最终于2012年迁至北京。

2013年至2017年,彼得在英国商会执行委员会任职,并在 2015年至2017年担任商会副主席。